Awards for Young Researchers (Cryosphere + Mountain science)

The Complutense University of Madrid, through the Department of Geography and its Research Group of Physical Geography of High Mountains has opened a call for a Young Researchers Award on works related to the cryosphere science and research in mountain areas. The outstanding works will be published in two issues of the journal Cuadernos de Investigación Geográfica.
Editors of Cryosphere Science Special Issue: David Palacios (Complutense University of Madrid), Jose M. García-Ruiz (CSIC), Marc Oliva (University of Barcelona), Jose María Fernández-Fernández (Complutense University of Madrid).
Editors of Research on Mountain Areas Special Issue: Nuria de Andrés (Complutense University of Madrid), Amelia Gómez-Villar (University of León), Luis Miguel Tanarro (Complutense University of Madrid), Jesus Ruiz-Fernández (University of Oviedo).
Young researchers in the process of presenting their PhD thesis or who have submitted it not before January 1, 2014 are encouraged to participate. Please find attached the guidelines of the award.

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