International Rock Coasts 2020: A state of the art - August 2020

The International Rock Coast 2020 Conference will take place on 27-28 august 2020, in Trieste, Italy. The meeting is intended as a forum to discuss advances in the study of rock coasts and will include a range of presentations relevant to the Conference theme. The organizing committee will review proposed papers and posters titles and abstracts, and, if successful the author(s) will be invited to present their work at the Conference.

The International Rock Coast 2020 Conference will be of interest and direct benefit to those who research, manage, conserve and develop the rocky coastal zone, not only on a local or state basis, but also at an international level. Specifically this event will be useful to: Coastal scientists and researchers, Coastal planners/managers, coastal/marine conservation organizations, environmental consultancies/engineers, government environment agencies, local authorities.

The conference is organized by the IAG Working Group Rock Coasts and AiGEO – Associazione Italiana Geografia Fisica e Geomorfologia.


Important dates:

Abstract submission: 01 December 2019

Acceptance of abstracts: 20 December 2019

Early registration: 01 December 2019 – 16 July 2020

Regular registration: 25 July 2020 – 14 August 2020

On-site registration: August 2020


Find more information in the pdf attached.

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