International Symposium “Geoecology and desertification: from physical to human factors”

“Geoecology and desertification: from physical to human factors”

International Symposium in memory of Prof. Juan Puigdefabregas

Almeria, 20-22 February 2019

Prof. Juan Puigdefabregas dedicated his scientific life to generate, lead and inspire research on relationships between humans and their natural landscapes. This event is homage to his scientific legacy.

The symposium is intended to identify and explore ground-breaking aspects derived from core topics rather than to present  state-of-the-art thematic contributions to individual disciplines (Ecology, Geomorphology, Hydrology, Soil Science, …).

In addition, a field trip will be held on the third day to discuss and interpret problem-oriented evidences associated with the scope of the symposium.

The attached document is a first announcement of the Symposium.

More detailed information can be found in the website

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